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TrooSelf Profile


One-on-one coaching session(s) for one hour with a TrooLuv dating profile writer.


Present yourself and your qualities through your profile in ways that increase your chances of attracting your TrooLuv.


A profile with headlines that capture people’s attention.

Tips & Advice

The best ways to search for matches and contact them in ways that receive a response.

Introducing Coaching to Meet Your Needs

TrooCoach Dating & Relationship


One-hour coaching session(s) with a TrooLuv dating and relationship coach. We provide different options for you to choose from.


Discover who you really are and learn to share your TrooSelf in ways that bring power and effectiveness to your relationships.


A blueprint that meets your long-term TrooLuv dating and relationship goals.


Coaching + clarity + blueprint = TrooSelf, dramatically increasing the chances for you to meet your TrooLuv.

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