• Did you know?…

  • People 50+ years old make up the majority of singles out there

  • The “gray” divorce rate is now at 25%

  • Don’t worry…

  • There are plenty of people out there for you to meet!


steadfast, loyal; honest; bring into the exact alignment.


a person toward whom love is felt; beloved person; sweetheart.

Founded with YOU in mind

If you’re a Baby Boomer or older and you’re single, you know the challenges of meeting someone to be in a lasting relationship with. The choices out there for online dating are slim and most of them don’t cater to the needs of the senior dating community. There are specific issues that people over the age of 50 have to be concerned with that go beyond simply dating safety.

TrooLuv was founded by a single woman in her 50’s. The founder has a 25+ year career in technology and is committed to addressing those issues. By implementing policies and restrictions for using this site, we believe we better protect our users while providing as open and safe an environment as possible for them to search for their TrooLuv.

No Tracking

Other dating sites track everything you do on the internet through files called “cookies”. They then take the information about you – your browsing patterns, shopping patterns, search patterns, where you’re located, what kind of technology you’re using, etc. – and sell it to advertising companies who then use it to market other products to you. They also use it to market their own additional products. We just don’t do that! When you join TrooLuv, you can be assured that your information stays private.


We backup the site every night and maintain backups for 30 days. We provide the best security for our website. We are committed that our website does not get infected and become a source for viruses and trojans to be unknowingly downloaded to our users’ devices. We also block those countries that we know have the highest rate of hackers and scams because we don’t want our users being conned into sending money to a potential match.


dating-scamPeople 50+ years old are a primary target for identity theft and financial theft. People 50+ years old AND SINGLE are an even greater target. They tend to be lonely and will try anything to have companionship. Criminals and con artists rely on this! If you receive an email or communication from a potential match that asks you to send money in any amount, please don’t send it! The person asking has NO INTEREST in a relationship with you. Notify us immediately and provide the communication that was sent to you, and the person’s account will be locked with no refund.

Also, don’t be too quick to answer personal questions about yourself. Take your time. Meet the person using our Tips & Advice. If someone starts asking you personal questions too soon, it should be a red flag for you to proceed with extra caution, and maybe even stop communicating.


We encourage our users to contact us after they’ve been on a date. Let us know how the date turned out. Most important, let us know if the profile, photos, videos, or audio match the person you met with. If they are extremely outdated, or not the person at all, we will suspend the account until it is resolved. Two reports of the same user will result in the account being locked with no refund.


Your photo is important to the people that view your profile. Don’t think so? Just notice how many profiles you skip over because there’s no photograph. At TrooLuv we require a photo, and it must be of you. If you upload a photo of your pets or your children or your favorite vacation spot or the logo of your favorite sports team, it will not be approved and it will delay approving your profile. The same applies if you upload a photo of you in a bikini or no shirt, it will only delay approving your profile. If you upload photos with nudity or any type of pornography, your account will be locked and you will not receive a refund.

Video & Audio Messages

This feature is designed for you to connect with potential dates. Your audio and video messages should be you sharing something about yourself or your interests with potential matches. Videos of you drinking, drunk, or behaving inappropriately will not be approved. Videos with children in them will not be approved, for their safety. Videos with nudity will result in your account being locked and not receiving a refund. Videos and audio with foul language will not be approved.


TrooLuv is a niche dating site dedicated to dating between individuals at least 50 years of age. People under 50, groups and couples are not allowed. If we find out you are falsifying your profile to cover any of these scenarios, your account will be locked with no refund.